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Harrah's - Gi Fu Loh



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Sumptuous is the best way to describe the delightful Asian cuisine at Gi Fu Loh, which translates as ?gatherer of luck.? Gi Fu Loh features an intriguing menu that raises Cantonese cuisine?s authenticity and flavor in entrées you won?t soon forget. Seafood is the hallmark of Cantonese food, along with noodle soup, rice and vegetable courses, and exotic delicacies. And now, Gi Fu Loh has combined the best of two culinary Asian worlds by adding Sushi Kai, a sushi bar to its restaurant. You?ll enjoy traditional Japanese nigiri and sashimi along side popular fusion rolls. Be sure to imbibe with some Japanese wine, hot or cold sake, beer and yummy specialty cocktails.

Please note that hats are not permitted at Gi Fu Loh or Sushi Kai.